Sunday, April 29


Yeller & Goliath seem to be having a problem deciding on whom the Alpha is around the farm - as seen in this picture.

Since Stubby said farewell *sob* Yeller has been a bit, ah, lonely. Things apparently didn't go well when he tried to familiarize himself with Goliath. They tussle on a daily basis and I'm not sure whether it's for control of the field or humping rights.


  1. Great pictures! "Back in the day farmers use to put a Y yoke on their cows to prevent them from going through fences. Maybe that would work on Goliath. Get pictures if you try!

  2. I guess as long as no one gets hurt to bad, you just let them battle it out. I'm sure the dog thinks its a fun game, but the goat is probably pretty serious. I agree with your mom, a "y" collar or small tire around his neck might do the trick.