Sunday, April 29


Upon waking one morning I heard an awful bellering coming from the field. I look out the window to find this:

Apparently the old saying is true, the grass - or weeds in this case - are greener on the other side of the fence.

I grabbed my cutters and pulled on some pants. I mention that because I have been caught running around after my animals with nothing more than a nightshirt on. Sorry mom, you really did raise me better...

It would seem that this would be an easy task since I just have to snip the fence a bit but his little harem is crying out to him and I can't get the damn dog to stay out of my face every time I bend over.

I eventually sat on Yeller to accomplish my task. Goliath was free again and his ladies couldn't be happier.

Wouldn't you know it, the next morning I hear the same bellering. And there again, with his head stuck in the fence, is Goliath.

It would seem that he's a little dense. Heaven forbid he eat the grass from the entire two-acres of open pasture. Why not squeeze you head through a little 4x4 opening to get that one dandelion? I guess my threats of chopping off his horns need to become a little more serious. Or maybe I should let Yeller have a few moments with him.

And guess what, I found him stuck in the fence again this morning.

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