Monday, March 4

Coming Clean

So obviously, it's been awhile...

What's with the lack of posting you may ask? Well, it's not because things have stopped happening around here - rather, I stopped 'happening' around here. I could blame my lack of writing on a few things but it comes down to the fact that I dropped my basket and had a hard time picking up the pieces.

Alas, I am feeling much better and feel that it's time to start picking things up again. I love being on a small farm and trying to learn new things. Ok - and it's due to the constant nagging from my husband and "looks" from my mom :)

So if you are returning to this blog, welcome back - I've missed you. If you are firt-timmer, hang on. The stories may seem far-fetched and the language a tad blunt but it's just another day at the farm...


  1. So happy you are feeling happy again! I've missed the posts. Since we don't get babies and stuff around here to often any more, I have to live through your wild and crazy adventures!