Friday, March 22

New Kids on the Farm

While making dinner one night, Ryan came home from work and wanted to take the boys out to the barn to get a couple pictures of the turkey to show his friends. I said that would be fine since it would give me a little time (aka, peace) to finish dinner. Not long after they left I got a phone call from Ryan:

Ryan: Hey you got a delivery out here.
Me: Delivery? Like what - hay?
Ryan: No, a baby goat! But it's stuck so you might want to grab som gloves and come down.

Quick as a flash I turned off the stove, threw on my boots, and took off for the corral. Sure enough, there was Flopsy with a kid trying to make it's way out. I jumped the fence and went to check the situation. I was immediately worried because the head was flopping around and was really cold. With no other choices I hunkered down and started to deliver. After much grunting, kicking, and screaming  -on my end- little Leonidas slid into the world. I quickly swabbed his nose and mouth and prayed that he was still alive. Suddenly he started kicking and breathing and calling for his mama - I'm sure it was only a few seconds, but it felt like forever...

Now, I use the term 'little' Leonidas lightly. He was the biggest kid I've ever seen born

When I asked Ryan how he knew Flopsy was in labor, he said he didn't. The Boy had said,

"Dad - why is there a head coming out of Flopsy's bum?"

There you have it folks: Sex Ed 2.0

Worried for the new mama and baby because of the cold, we took the new family into the tack room for the night.

After dinner we decided to head back down to check on things only to find Lia, the other expectant mama, acting strange. We decided to be safe and put her in the tack room as well.

We put the boys to bed for the night and thought we'd call it a night ourselves. But of course, I couldn't do that. On my next visit to the barn I found that Lia had delivered Jacob.

Jacob was blessed (cursed) with his mama's La Mancha ears which are teeny-tiny stupid looking things. However, babies are so cute when their born that you don't really care much for their defects.

After praising Lia I snuck out only to return 30 minutes later with Ryan to find yet another baby from Lia.

This is Ecker and he is adorable.

The next morning the boys were excited to find out that we had more babies. The Boy quickly claimed Ecker for his own. The Babe picked Jacob and Ryan chose Leonidas.

Now let's fast forward about a week. The boys and I had gone to SLC to visit my parents before Christmas. Ryan called that night and asked how many babies were at the farm when I left. Fearing the worst I replied that there were three.

"Well, you're the proud mama of four now! Sweetie had a little girl today!"

Welcome our only baby girl - Sweet Pea

She has got to be one of the daintiest, cutest babies we've ever had here on B&M Farm. She was only about the size of a small puppy. I was nervous that she wouldn't make being as small as she was and that she had a first time mama (who we didn't even know was pregnant...). But the farm gods have blessed us with no dead babies this time around - for which I am very grateful.

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  1. Yay and Congrats! I love all the babies!