Sunday, April 22

Gobble, gobble, meow

I celebrated yet another blessed birthday this month and one of the best presents I received came from my brother Austin - 2 turkey chicks! May I introduce:
(he's very friendly)

(like giblets...)

I mean honestly, who gets turkeys for their birthday? Does my brother know me or what?! These two weren't sexed so we don't know whether they are male or female - time will tell. And yes, I plan on eating them. They will be absolutely delicious smoked.

One morning while feeding the turkeys I noticed our mama cat, Tess curled up in her bed - with four new babies!

They are so cute! Their eyes haven't opened yet and I haven't ventured to see what the male-to-female ratio is. Let me know if there are any takers out there, no charge.

The Boy keeps are pretty close eye on all the baby critters out here. He'll find any excuse to go running back to the barn to check on them.

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